Jillian Teskey

I am so thankful for Visapaq for all of their hard work helping me get my artistic visa in 4 short months. They put together my portfolio and helped me figure out all of the confusing documents. Visapaq and their professionals were there every step of the way.It really helps when the person who is showing you what to do, has been through those steps and knows the experience first hand. It felt like I really had a shoulder to lean on. I always knew that there would be a friendly and professional answer on the other side. I cannot thank Visapaq enough for making this process so easy and efficient and for giving me all the tools I needed to get to where I am today!

Matthew Fata

I just recently received my 01-Visa with the help of Visapaq. Starting this process I knew it was not going to be easy but, my thoughts soon changed once I got with involved VisaPaq. They are such a hard working professional team who truly made the impossible possible. Whenever I needed a question answered or just some further guidance, their responses were almost immediate! They couldn't have been more helpful or thorough with this process. With the help of Visapaq I got my artistic Visa approved in five months! I recommend Vispaq to any International artist who is looking to acquire their US working papers.

Drew Phillip

As the sponsor of two, newly approved VisaPaq clients, Celebrity was very happy with the services offered by this company. The process that has to be completed to get a Visa seems so complex and rigorous, but with the help of VisaPaq every step was clear and defined. When Celebrity began research on the Visa process, it was very overwhelming but with the help of VisaPaq, it was made perfectly clear. They set a standard from the very beginning that helped Celebrity and the Visa clients succeed every step of the way with services like immediate email response and video chat sessions to thoroughly explain what needed to be accomplished.

Nicole Von Arx

VP Nocile Von Arx.jpeg

Professional, works fast and efficiently and is full of extremely helpful tools. With the help of Visapaq I got my artistic visa approved in one month! I recommend Visapaq to any international artist who is looking for the right support and the right lawyer specialized in the artist visa.