Frequently Asked Questions

How can I work legally in the United States as an Artist? 

You must file a petition with USCIS (US Immigration) to obtain a work visa for a predetermined amount of time. Once your application is APPROVED you can commence work as an artist in the USA.

Why do I need Visapaq?

  • Most Artists are in fact Extraordinary, but cannot prove this ON PAPER. 
  • Visapaq solves this problem and works directly with the Artist to prepare a strong Visapaq portfolio that displays the “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” criteria required.
  • Visapaq has over 6 YEARS experience and has helped hundreds of clients succeed.
  • Visapaq can help decipher legal language and guidelines making it easy for you to follow and understand.  
  • Visapaq communicates in a timely and succinct fashion throughout the entire process to give you the necessary guidance and support. 
  • Visapaq introduces you to a reputable attorney. This firm specializes in Visas/Greencards for artists & athletes and Visapaq clients receive a discounted rate. 
  • All Visapaq staff have personally been through the process and have a unique understanding of your needs. 

When should I start? 

Visapaq always recommends starting AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! This process is detailed and can be time consuming. Whether you are thinking an immediate move or long term career goals, it is imperative that you understand the Visapaq portfolio process ASAP in order to fulfill this KEY requirement successfully.

The Visapaq system gives our clients time to budget financially and continue their professional career throughout the process. The Visapaq fee of $389 is the only fee you need to pay to get started. This covers your initial 1 on 1 session, your follow up session & ongoing email support. No other fees are involved until YOU are ready and the portfolio is complete.

***For OPT students we recommend they come to Visapaq at the start of their OPT if possible. This will assist students in knowing what steps to take over the course of their OPT to build their case for the 01.

What is the required evidence that goes into the Visapaq portfolio? 

One thing to remember is that no two applicants are the same. Visapaq takes an individual approach to your Visa/Green Card process. We meet with our clients 1 on 1 (private session) to give them you all the necessary information to begin building THEIR unique Visapaq portfolio.

****This is covered thoroughly during your first session.

How long does the process take? 

Once again this varies for each person because every case is different. Visapaq aims to work with YOUR goals in mind to help them achieve the Visa by your desired date. 

Factors involved include:

  • strength and amount of evidence 
  • financial payments (your timeline)
  • expedited vs. regular processing time 
  • sponsorship
  • When you personally want the petition filed

What does the process cost? 

Visapaq has worked hard to bring down the costs of the process with discounts and payments that are spread out over time. This allows you to create a timeline around YOUR budget and lifestyle, and what you are comfortable with. ALL costs are broken down during your first session including WHAT they are for & WHEN they will need to be paid.

Still have questions? 

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